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Pandora Jewelry Winnipeg

The Pandora Jewelry Winnipeg MB, Canada store’s list is written in the following lines. From these Pandora Jewelry Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada stores you can do the purchasing of available Pandora jewelry products like pandora bracelets, pandora necklaces, pandors charms, pandora beads, pendants and other accessories.

1) Pandora Jewelry Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada – Store#1:
Store Name: Pandora Appelt’s, CA
Store Address: 1595 Ness- APPELTS Winnipeg

2) Pandora Bracelets Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada – Store#2:
Store Name: Independent Jewellers
Store Address: 493 Notre Dame Ave Winnipeg, MB, R3B 1R8
Telephone No: 204-774-5544

3) Pandora Charms Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada – Store#3:
Store Name: Five Small Rooms
Store Address: 1857 B. Grant Ave Winnipeg, MB, R3N 1Z2
Telephone No: 204-488-8099

4) Pandora Beads Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada – Store#4:
Store Name: Poshy Fashions Inc.
Store Address: 370 St. Anne’s Road Winnipeg, MB, R2M 3B7
Telephone No: 204-256-3278

5) Pandora Jewelry Bracelets Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada – Store#5:
Store Name: Nemeth Jewellers
Store Address: 150-115 Vermillion Road Winnipeg, MB, R2J 4A9
Telephone No: (204) 257-4426

These were some pandora stores in Winnipeg MB, canada area. To find more locations in Canada, visit pandora bracelets canada store locator and to see stores of all countries, checkout pandora bracelets store locator main page.