Pandora Jewelry St Lucia

The Pandora Jewelry St. Lucia stores that are authorized to sell original and authentic Pandora jewelry items in the country are listed below. There are only few Pandora selling stores in St. Lucia and these are listed below:

1) Pandora Jewelry Saint Lucia – Store#1:
Store Name: Harry Edwards Jewelers
Store Address: Maurice Mason Avenue, Sans Souci Castries, St. Lucia
Telephone Number: 758-451-6799

2) Pandora Bracelets Saint Lucia – Store#2:
Store Name: Sandals Grand #39191
Store Address: Colombian Emeralds (DFC) Castries, St. Lucia
Telephone Number: 758-450-9754

3) Pandora Charms Saint Lucia – Store#3:
Store Name: Harry Edwards Jeweler
Store Address: Maurice Mason Avenue Castries, St. Lucia

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