Pandora Jewelry Puerto Rico

Following are the Pandora jewelry Puerto Rico stores from where you can purchase the Pandora jewelry like Pandora jewelry bracelets, Pandora jewelry charms, Pandora watches, necklaces, beads and other accessories.

1) Pandora Jewelry Puerto Rico – Store#1:
Store Name: Joyeria Venecia
Store Address: Plaza Rio Hondo Mall #39 Bayamon, PR, 961
Telephone No: 206-795-2131

2) Pandora Bracelets Puerto Rico – Store#2:
Store Name: Cuesta Joyeros
Store Address:1363 Local 19, Garden Hills Plaza Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, 966
Telephone No: 787-273-7950

3) Pandora Charms Puerto Rico – Store#3:
Store Name: Bejeweled, The Jewelry Store
Store Address: Plaza Los Prados Y-2 Caguas, PR, 00727
Telephone No: (787) 648-2288

4) Pandora Beads Puerto Rico – Store#4:
Store Name: Cuesta Joyeros Inc
Store Address: 1363 Local 19 Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, 00966

5) Pandora Jewelry Bracelets Puerto Rico – Store#5:
Store Name: Joyeria Venecia #2
Store Address: Plaza del Norte Hatillo 136E Hatillo, PR, 659

6) Pandora Jewelry charms Puerto Rico – Store#6:
Store Name: Blue Diamond
Store Address: 202 Fortaleza Street San Juan, PR, 901
Telephone No: 787-723-3933

7) Pandora Jewelry Beads Puerto Rico – Store#7:
Store Name: Portofino Jewelers
Store Address: 250 San Francisco Street Old San Juan, PR, 901
Telephone No: 787-723-5113

8 ) Pandora Charm Bracelets Puerto Rico – Store#8:
Store Name: Pandora @ Plaza las Americas (Recommended: Exclusive Pandora Store)
Store Address: Plaza Las Americas San Juan, PR, 00918

9) Pandora Jewelry Puerto Rico – Store#9:
Store Name: Italics Royale Jewelers
Store Address: Monteheiedra Town Center San Juan, PR, 926
Telephone No: 787-287-4715

10) Pandora Jewelry Puerto Rico – Store#10:
Store Name: Luby Joyeros
Store Address: La Hacienda Town Center Anasco, PR, 610
Telephone No: 787-826-3776

11) Pandora Jewelry Puerto Rico – Store#11:
Store Name: Gold Depot
Store Address: 2765 AVENUE DE HOSTOS #235 MAYAGUEZ, PR, 00682
Telephone No: 787-265-6370

12) Pandora Jewelry Puerto Rico – Store#12:
Store Name: Zoba Boutique
Store Address: 1029 Barrio Asomante Aguada, PR, 602
Telephone No: 7872522312

13) Pandora Jewelry Puerto Rico – Store#13:
Store Name: Italics & Co #2/ San Partico Plaza
Store Address: San Patricio Plaza Suite C-14 Guaynabo, PR, 00968
Telephone No: 787-706-7606

14) Pandora Jewelry Puerto Rico – Store#14:
Store Name: Cuesta Joyeros/Bayamon
Store Address: Plaza del Sol C.S. # 1055 Bayamon, Puerto Rico, 00961
Telephone No: (787) 273-7950

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