If you own a jewelry store and want to become a featured store on any specific page(s) of this website, then you can contact us.

Here are some of the requirements and details to get a spot of featured Store:

1) The featured stores will be listed before all other normal store locations for maximum exposure.

2) Featured stores are allowed to enter following pieces of information:

Store name, Store address, Phone Number, Email Address, Website URL(with no follow tag)

No other details are allowed like store details, products offered, offers, deals etc.

Take an example

Store Name: Example Store(Deals in Diamond Rings and Bracelets)

Store Address:Street 123, City ABC, State ABC, Zip 000, Country.

Phone Number: 000-00-000

Email address :

Website URL: http://example . com

3) Fees:

You can advertise your store on some or all pages of this website, depending upon your location or any other interest.

Here are few options for you to choose from.

a) On any single page of website = $10/month

b) In any particular STATE pages of a country= $50/month.

For instance you may want to advertise your store on all pages that are about New York, Alabama or Alaska in USA.

Similarly you may want to advertise on all pages about Alberta state of Canada stores.

Similarly you may want to advertise on pages about Yorkshire, UK stores.

c) On all pages of a particular COUNTRY stores = $100/month.

For example you may want to advertise on all stores pages of USA, Canada, UK, Australia, UAE etc.

d) On ALL PAGES OF WEBSITE for maximum exposure from all audience all over the world and from all sections of website = $250/month.

e) If you have something else in your mind to advertise your store or you want ask some question(s) then email me using the form at the end of this page.

4) Get Your Spot Now:

First of all choose any of the above 4 options and then go ahead to pay the upfront fee at my Paypal ID After that fill the following form and send me your complete store details, as explained above.

Your store information will be live on the site usually within 48 hours. You will get an email 3 days before your Ad expires and if you will not renew your place will be given to someone else.

5) Contact Me:

If you have paid your upfront fee, then please add your payment ID or reference etc so that i may confirm it. And please add your store information clearly as stated above to avoid delay or problems.


NOTE: Please note that i reserve the right to approve or disapprove any Ad request.